Park "Kiev in miniature"

Park "Kiev in miniature"

Want to get acquainted with all the sights of Kyiv in one day? It is easy!

Park "Kyiv in miniature" covers an area of nearly 2 hectares, which is dotted with miniature models of famous buildings in Kyiv, architectural objects, universities, cathedrals, monuments of art, parks and bridges, which is located on the left bank of the Dnieper, in the territory of Hydropark. Mini models harmoniously spread out in a beautiful nature, so this attraction of Kyiv has become a very popular tourist destination in city, as well as the people of Kiev, who are happy to spend their holidays in the fresh air. Park "Kyiv in miniature" today has 48 mini-exhibitions, which are constantly caring for employees of the park, after all miniatures are in the open air exposed to the whims of our everyday weather. Due to constant reconstruction of a miniature city, the park "Kyiv in miniature" looks like new.

In the Park "Kyiv in miniature" skillful architects, fans of the business, even recreated the Dnieper River with its main four bridges with active traffic.

Come to the Hydropark and you will see all the beauty of Kiev, at a glance.

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