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    Walk to the Golden Gate

    Walk to the Golden Gate

    One part of the National Sanctuary «Sophia of Kiev» is the museum the Golden Gates. It is interesting to look on a memorial after excursion in the St. Sophia Cathedral as both monuments which complement each other. They are also examples of historical architecture of Kievan Rus'. Unfortunately we can only imagine how the Golden Gates looks like in old days. Photos and descriptions can help us to do that. Tourists are offered to watch slides with pictures of buildings from ancient times to the present day. Restaurateurs tried to make an appearance of the modern museum as authentic as possible. It is significantly different from that we find in the biography of Yaroslav the Wise. Gates functioned almost completely though the centuries.


    Traditionally, the tour begins in front of the monument to Yaroslav the Wise, who holds state in his hands. The Golden Gates was the main entrance to the ancient Kyiv. They also were a border with other territories. Guides repeatedly remind you that the Golden Gates in Kyiv were the strongest in the state of Yaroslav the Wise. They also had a function of the bridge which ran through deep ditch surrounded the city.


    There are two old walls inside the museum. Historians try to save both. These old pieces of ancient gates really worth seeing. Restorers tried to recreate a design of interior of the building on a devastated part. Wall which is fuller is almost untouched. There was also a church on the top. Unfortunately, it is also not preserved but master created a copy. This tour can be booked at the phone number listed on the website of City Card. Groups are formed in a place or by request. The Museum Golden Gates has no exact schedule so you can come at any convenient time.


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    Total 2 reviews


    I recollect the game of thrones. Impressive.

    23 Мая 2014


    Клево было слушать естедей на втором ярусе. Это точно больше всего понравилось, хоть посмеялся.

    23 Мая 2014
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