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    St. Vladimir's Cathedral

    St. Vladimir's Cathedral

    Have you ever seen the current cathedral or a temple looks like a museum or art gallery? No? So, you should definitely visit the main Orthodox Churchof Kiev Patriarchate - the Cathedral of St. Vladimir.
    This is not the oldest religious building in Kiev, but by number of murals inside it is the first one. It's not only painting,it is a history of KievanRus in colures. The cathedral was conceived as a monument to one of the most prominent figures - Volodymyr the Great, the Baptist of Russia.


    Initial project had to be modified for several times, as the funds for the construction of thirteen domed church lacked, despite the high patronage of Nicholay I. Thus the process of building lasted for decades and was completed only in 1896. Founders tried to approximate the appearance of the temple to the times of Vladimir the Baptist. Neo-Byzantine style with elements of "Nikolai’s style" clearly reflects the spirit of the era.
    Major paintings are made by such outstanding artists as Vasnetsov, Vrubel, Nesterov and many others. All of them are united by a common theme - the history of Orthodoxy in Russia. Among them: "Vasnetsov’s Mother of God", "The baptism of Prince Vladimir," "Baptism of the Kievans", "The Last Supper" and others. Unusual that the iconostasis is made of Carrara marble, specially brought from Europe. Mosaic compositions are made by Venetian masters.


    In the 30th years of XX century there was a museum of anti-religious propaganda in the cathedral. Cathedral was reopened to worshipersduring the German occupation of Kiev. The interior of the temple is very well preserved, despite the difficult periods of its history. Find the time for visiting this unique monument of religious art.

    Source: City Card
    Author: Янина К.

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