Ah Astakhova presents "pocket-sized planet"

Ah Astakhova presents "pocket-sized planet"

The real star of social networking

Pocket planet 

Ah Astakhova - modern Russian poet, who tours extensively to different countries, carrying the weight of his unique creativity. Ukrainians are well aware of the poet thanks to the Internet (well, the last time you bought a book of poems?), so she is - the real star of social networks. In Kiev, the poet will present a new program of "Pocket Planet", which shared with fellow countrymen in October this year. Critics ambiguously estimate the creativity of the young author, but she certainly knows how to touch the strings of the soul of each person. Is this true, it is possible to estimate this Thursday in the House of Artists.


When: November 24, 19:00
Where: House of Artists

Author: Погрибная Инна
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