Alexey Gorbunov and the group Grust Pilota

Alexey Gorbunov and the group Grust Pilota

January 25 to the birthday of Vladimir Vysotsky in the Caribbean Club Concert Hall will be a concert of Alexei Gorbunov and the group Grust Pilota, dedicated to genius. Live performances will sound popular favorite performed by a charismatic artist. “I breathe, and it means - I love! I love, and it means - I live! ”, - Vladimir Vysotsky.
Poet, romantic, hooligan, actor and incredible actor Vladimir Vysotsky wrote about 800 songs - sincere, vital, truthful.
Alexey Gorbunov does not want to be "Vysotsky." Imitation and imitation he calls grimacing and despises. In his performance, “Fascinating Horses”, “Bathhouse in White”, “On the Big Karetny” sound differently than in the original, but sincerely, comfortably and at home.

The guests are expected to have a chat and friendly atmosphere, as well as poems and interesting non-fictional life stories from behind the scenes.
“Vysotsky is like the first cigarette, the first disc of The Rolling Stones or The Beatles. The first and the things that will be remembered for a lifetime. ”, Says Alexey Gorbunov.

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