Adventure comedy with crossdressing "Primas"

Adventure comedy with crossdressing "Primas"

With the participation of stars of theater, cinema and television

"Prima" Performance

Do you like the movie "Some Like It Hot"? Then you will enjoy the comedy "Prima", based on the play "Diva" authorship Ken Ludwig. This piece with its dizzying twists, disguises and adventurous atmosphere is very similar to it.

How easy for man to pretend that he is a woman? Is it enough to just change into a gown and learn how to walk on high heels? It is checked up on themselves by Andrew Dzhedzhula and Georgiy Khostikoyev. After all, their characters - the actors Jack and Leo, having learned that one old age millionaire is looking for her nieces to make them heritresses. And they decided that for the sake of the inheritance they can take a risk and climb on heels.


But everything is not so simple! Problems everywhere: for example, there is already one heir - Meg, and she has Pastor Duncan, who is in love with her inheritance more than with her. Well, the granny is bouncy and in no hurry to retire. In addition they have an adventurer Dr. Myers and his son - an aspiring athlete - Butch and all of them, as you may guess, also have their own plans for the legacy with six zeros. Also there is Audrey, unwitting accomplice fraud. And when love comes into play ...

CityCard sure that star cast, professional decorations, unusual costumes with an unusual approach to directing will create an atmosphere, which will give you joy and good mood for a long time!

Ticket price: 100 - 550 UAH.
When: October 4, at 19:00
Where: Central House of Officers

Author: Погрибная Инна
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