Brothers Schumacher: 20 years as we are a duet!

Brothers Schumacher: 20 years as we are a duet!

On the most cheerful day of the year residents and guests of the capital are waiting not just an April Fool's Day gig! This year, favorite humorists celebrate twenty years of existence of their creative group! The Schumacher brothers invite their fans to a friendly meeting for 20 years as we are a duo! There will be only the most ridiculous jokes on the most pressing topics! This is politics, and the problems of relations between women and men, fathers and sons, colleagues at work ... In general, as always - no taboos! Humorists, who managed to fall in love with even the most severe critics, will give the opportunity to once again enjoy only the most golden hits, which for two decades have gathered very, very much!
The cost of tickets from 200 to 1250 hryvnia.
When: April 1, 7 pm
Where: International Center of Culture and Arts, Alley of Heroes of Heavenly Hundred, 1

Author: Погрибная Инна
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