Bundesjugendorchester in Kiev

Bundesjugendorchester in Kiev

On July 25 at 8:00 pm in Kiev, a unique concert with the participation of the Federal Youth Orchestra of Germany (Bundesjugendorchester) will take place at the National Museum of the History of Ukraine within the framework of the "Classic Picnic" initiative in Kyiv. This statement is a vivid result of long-lasting fruitful cooperation between the Federal Youth Orchestra of Germany and the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine (YSOU). Partner and project organizer in Ukraine - Cultural Platform NGO. The Kyiv partner of the project is the Open City Music Foundation, a cultural initiative aimed at popularizing classical music in the community and supporting young musicians. The concert is also supported by the Cultural Diplomacy from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Museum of History of Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

BJO is the most prestigious youth band in Germany, which has been the world's leading musical art for almost 50 years, is an example of the unity and inspiration of young talent, a model of successful musical management.
His visit to Ukraine is a significant historical event in the cultural life of the country. For the first time, a world-wide youth-class orchestra will perform in Ukraine, will present its achievements and ideas for the first time.

The concert program covers works from the early classics to the middle of the twentieth century and impresses with its spiritual content:
Anton Bruckner. Overture of Minor Salt (1863)
Joseph Haydn Symphony No.26 «Lamentatione» (Lamentation), re-minor (1768)
Paul Gindemit. Symphony "Mathis der Maler" (Artist Mathis) (1934)
All these works are performed very little on the Ukrainian stage, and the opportunity to hear them performed by such an orchestra is a real happiness.
Conductor - young and charismatic Elias Grandy, principal conductor and art director of the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra (Germany)
As a greetings and a sign of friendship between the two orchestras performed by the Overture, young musicians of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine will take part.

The German Federal Youth Orchestra (BundesJugendOrchester) is the youngest symphony orchestra in Germany, which includes the best musicians of the country aged 14-19. In addition to Sir Simon Rettl, the leaders of the orchestra included such outstanding conductors as Herbert von Karajan, Kurt Masur, Gustavo Dudamel and Kirill Petrenko. In 2013, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra officially served as the mentor of a young orchestra led by Sir Simon Ruttle, who wrote: "It brings me a great pleasure to meet this wonderful next generation of my colleagues! I guess until the future of orchestral music is in your hands, he does not endanger anything ... "

The concert will take place within the framework of the project of cooperation of two orchestras: Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine / YsOU (founded in 2017 on the initiative of well-known conductor Oksana Linin and, inspired by the experience of BJO, united young musicians from all over Ukraine) and the German BundesJugendOrchester . The project is entitled "Distribution of values ​​and knowledge through music, building relationships and strengthening civil society", which outlines his thesis - the spread of values ​​through musical art and the development of public consciousness and communication. Within its framework in July-September 2018 it is planned to implement a number of interesting cooperation events: master classes for participants of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine / YsOU for performing arts with the participation of German teachers, discussions with invited German experts, management training, YsOU performances at the LvivMozArt festivals. (21.07 Lviv) and Young Euro Classic (16.08 Berlin), arrival of the Bundesjugendorchester to Ukraine and its concerts in Kiev (25.07.) And Lviv (26.07).

"Music is the art of sharing and the art of uniting. Music is the key to your heart, to true heart movements. In order to create a better world, we need to educate the progressive youth, and in order to be able to grow it, we need a better world and the best conditions. That is why we have founded such a cooperation that through the music to realize this paradox in life - to unite, share experience, spread the global values ​​and develop together! "- says Oksana Linin, the founder of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, the main conductor of the opera and symphony orchestra of m Graz, Austria.

Author: Погрибная Инна
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