Cantabile Orchestra

Cantabile Orchestra

Magic concert "Lord of the Rings"

The genius of John R. Tolkien is undeniable. He not only formed a new genre - fantasy, but also created an extraordinary story that attracts the world's attention. About “The Lord of the Rings" everyone speaks with admiration, any mention of this work causes a storm of emotions.

Cantabile Orchestra returns to show the history of "The Lord of the Rings" with the language of Howard Shore’s music. Concert will accompany the texts and passages from Tolkien's famous eponymous film.

Look forward to the latest songs of dwarves, elves and Rogan tunes. The combination of different instruments can pass even eerie sounds of Kovaleno Isengard. You will have a unique opportunity to plunge into the world of fantasy, magic and miracles: win the the fight at Pelennor fields and sail to the sunset.

Cantabile Orchestra for many years performs compositions from different soundtracks. And on March 22, the stage of the cinema "Kievan Rus" reproduce Tolkien trilogy. Do not miss the chance to hear a concert Cantabile Orchestra «The Lord of the Rings." Buy your tickets now!

Date and time of the concert: March 22, at 18:00

Address: Cinema "Kievan Rus", 93 Artem St.

Tickets: 100-350 UAH.

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