Cigarettes After Sex conquer Kiev

Cigarettes After Sex conquer Kiev

A stylish American band with the original provocative title Cigarettes After Sex is already preparing to conquer the Ukrainian audience! Four musicians who play in a very unusual and yet unusual genre of Dream Pop, are actively increasing the geography of their success. 1200x630bb.jpg
The first studio of the band was released only last year, but immediately earned the praise of authoritative music critics and became one of the best. Live concerts Cigarettes After Sex - this is a separate conversation. Their counter is work with visual accompaniment. So, while the band is singing, atmospheric black-and-white cinema is shown against the background.

Ticket price: 990 - 2290 UAH
When: June 14, 20.00
Where: Atlas, Sichovy Streltsov Street, 37-41

Author: Погрибная Инна
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