Valentine's day in Ancient Kiev

Valentine's day in Ancient Kiev

Special offer for two on Valentine's Day

The origins of Valentine's Day, matter of course, are far beyond Ukrainian culture. This romantic holiday has come to us not even fr om neighboring states, but from the opposite corner of the Earth. But it does not stop the fact that every Ukrainian kindly brought this warm holiday in the life. That's how true love and strong feelings can unite whole nations.

Park "Kiev Rus" also supports the universal tradition of the February dedicated to love and care. 14 and 15 February 2015 visit with your dears ancient Kiev, wh ere he has already prepared a pleasant surprise for couples, as well as fun contests for those who have not yet found their soul mate.

But the Slavs also had its own special romantic customs - in late February celebrated the traditional Kolodiy holiday on which lonely hearts find each other. This day is filled with fun of ancient Slavic-game ceremonies like "Fisherman and the Fish", "Streamlet", "Catch my love" ... no one will have to be bored!

Therefore go to an amazing journey for a thousand years ago, to celebrate Valentine's Day in the Park "Kiev Rus" and fill the hearts with tender feelings.

For couples there is special offer for these days. Learn more on the website of the Park "Kyiv Rus".

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