Domergue-Litvinyuk Project in 32JazzClub

Domergue-Litvinyuk Project in 32JazzClub

Within the framework of an incredibly expected festival called the French Spring 2018 in 32 JazzClub in the capital will perform an interesting team Domergue-Litvinyuk Project. Create an international band decided during the joint work of the Poles, French and Ukrainians. Creativity of the team immediately fell in love and was extremely warmly received by the public. After all the positive feedback, it was decided to continue to create. Their creativity Domergue-Litvinyuk Project will be presented to the court of the Kiev public. French_SQ_01-01.jpg
The cost is 800 UAH.
When: April 3, 20:00
Where: 32JazzClub

Author: Погрибная Инна
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