DRACULA in the House of Officers

DRACULA in the House of Officers

This winter, the popular Ukrainian musician Sergei Babkin will turn into the most mysterious character in our history - Count Dracula! Is it intriguing? And the truth is strange, because we are used to seeing the lead singer of the group 5'nizza in the image of a real romantic, bright and incredible positive. lorenmansfield-r1r1h500w711zc3q100.jpg
But everything changes. But Sergei's wife Snezhana, whom we know well by participating in a popular dance show, will become a potential victim of this charming vampire. Performance-performance DRACULA - this is a real challenge, in the theater Beautiful flowers even dubbed him the most frank experiments. In any case, you need to see it with your own eyes!
Ticket price: 150 - 650 UAH
When: February 18, 19:00
Where: Officers' House, Hrushevsky Street, 30/1

Author: Погрибная Инна
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