Erotic melodrama Thirst

Erotic melodrama Thirst

An interesting production of Thirst is created based on the novel by writer Vladimir Nabokov - Camera obscura. It raises adult philosophical questions, which sometimes haunt each person. What are you ready for, to quench all thirst? I crave money, power, sex, growth? 12901133_cover-audiokniga-vladimir-nabokov-kamera-obskura-9987675.jpg
Are they able to transcend their own rules and principles, bypass their code of honor and close their eyes of conscience? In the center of melodrama is a married man and his very young lady, for which he is ready to give up everything. But will he make a fatal mistake and not spoil life to himself?
Ticket price: UAH 150
When: January 25, 19:00
Where: Palace Ukraine ул. V. Vasilkivska, 103

Author: Погрибная Инна
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