FRAM in Docker-G pub

FRAM in Docker-G pub

In the Docker-G pub will be the group FRAM. For those who have not yet heard, we explain. FRAM is a driving ethno-rock with bagpipes, guitars, a drum and unreal female vocals. They will send their knights and kings, drunkards and vagabonds to other worlds, mystical and distant. Somewhere in the Middle Ages, where loyalty, loyalty and sincerity are valued. In one evening you will leave the capital's Docker-G pub in far-off Ireland, to brave rebels and romantics ... cc46616571.jpg
The cost is fr om 100 to 125 hryvnia.
When: August 11, 21:00
Wh ere: Docker-G pub, Igorevskaya, 13/5

Author: Погрибная Инна
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