Friday Free Style Music in Caribbean Club

Friday Free Style Music in Caribbean Club

When you ask a question about your favorite music, do you always grow your hands? Like, I love everything, if only for the soul took. If so, then Friday Free Style Music is just an ideal scenario for an evening pastime. It will play a variety of music from folk motifs to supertantsevalnogo funk. Under such musical accompaniment you can also communicate with your best friends, drinking a glass of sparkling wine, and relax, lounging in an armchair, and dancing until the morning. For the musical mood on this night meets Lisa Bajrak & band. IMG_0515_1-833x469.jpg
Ticket price: 100 - 350 UAH
When: May 4, 20:00
Where: Caribbean Club / Caribbean Club, S. Petlyura Street, 4

Author: Погрибная Инна
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