Cinema for parents with children

Cinema for parents with children

There is a play area with a rug and toys

Sessions 0+ in the Zhovten cinema

Finally, the old dream of young mothers (and other spectators who are rarely very happy with the smallest moviegoers) was realized - there will be "0+: Cinema for parents with children" sessions at the "Zhovten" cinema. Here we are happy with the smallest kinomanamy and moms who, with the birth of a baby, do not intend to lock themselves in four walls. During the session, you can walk around the hall, whimper a little, swaddle babies on a special table and even warm up the milk or a snack in the microwave. Also, in the hall there is a play area with a rug and toys, there is a place where you can leave the stroller.


Price: 60 UAH
When: May 9, 10:00
Where: Cinema Zhovten

Author: Погрибная Инна
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