Bones Concert in Bingo

Bones Concert in Bingo

Within the framework of the DeadBoy Tour in the Ukrainian capital will be a real living legend - Bones. This music is not quite accessible to people who call themselves normal. This is an underground rap, in which you will hear a lot about the dark deeds, forbidden substances, the abruptness of the lifestyle of rap stars. vGFmNETriB4.jpg
No matter how debatable was the music of Elmo Kennedy O'Connor (he's Bones), but his incredible popularity he received in less than a year! Musical experiments based on the love of horror and hip-hop films, resulted in the creation of a strange rap, which fell in love with music lovers and became unique in its kind. Surely in the Ukrainian capital there are many Bones fans who will gather in Bingo on January 21.
The cost of tickets - from 800-1500 hryvnia.
When: January 21, 19:00
Where: Bingo Club, Victory Avenue, 112

Author: Погрибная Инна
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