Concert of David Swarup and Anatoly Gernadenko

Concert of David Swarup and Anatoly Gernadenko

Musical instrument of two metal hemispheres

Hang's Sound in Makoto Dojo

Have you ever heard of such a musical instrument as Hang? But how many miracles in the world exist that, because of permanent employment, remain unknown and undiscovered. To correct this oversight it is possible on an amazing concert of David Svarup and Anatoly Gernadenko, who will be entirely devoted to this space instrument - Hangu. The tool, consisting of two metal hemispheres, was invented 17 years ago, it can not be bought, only made to order, therefore to hear it - the event is unique and very interesting. At the concert on Friday, the musicians will play solo, and also - will combine this cosmic sound in common compositions.


Price: 200 UAH
When: August 18, start at 19:00
Where: Makoto Dojo

Author: Погрибная Инна
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