Marilyn Manson Concert in Kyiv

Marilyn Manson Concert in Kyiv

Show from the king of shock and rock music

Presentation of the new album Say10

Years go by, but no one has managed to outperform the king of shock and rock music of Marilyn Manson! No wonder it was so strongly and passionately expected by Ukrainian fans. By the way, the musicians of the rock band Marilyn Manson decided to thank their Kyiv fans for their devotion and award them with the new Say10 studio. It is with this eccentric musicians will be introduced to the Kyiv scene, proving that the crown of the championship is not intended to be given to someone else for a very long time! Marilyn Manson, shocking and striking, knows what to hit and conquer, because the concert in Kyiv is expected to sell out - you need to hurry in time to snatch a ticket. The cost of tickets from 750 to 2200 hryvnia.


When: August 2, 20:00
Where: Sports Palace

Author: Погрибная Инна
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