Zviri band concert in Stereo Plaza

Zviri band concert in Stereo Plaza

Without superfluous specialties and light representations

Zviri: Acoustics. The best

This summer will begin with a big bright concert of the most popular group "Beasts", which became the musical background of growing up a whole generation. Fervent and romantic musicians are bringing their new fans to Kyiv fans. At the concert, they will dance to their favorite favorite hits, which will be played in a new way this evening. "Acoustics. The best "is a concert in which Roma's favorite voice will be framed by balalaika, wind and percussion. But from extra special effects and light representations "Zviri" decided to refuse, so as not to distract spectators and listeners from the main thing!


Price: from 450 to 2000 UAH
Where: Stereo Plaza
When: June 3, 20:00

Author: Погрибная Инна
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