Louna Concert in Stereo Plaza

Louna Concert in Stereo Plaza

Christina Bardash, who is also Louna, is a model and a photographer, a talented singer, originally from Ukraine. Critics of different countries, like a wide audience, appreciate this girl for her successful ability to combine electronic arrangements and a melancholic mood. In addition, Louna uses in her work an original device - references to pop culture of the 90s of last century. In the Ukrainian capital, the singer presents her album Liberty Island. The audience will hear songs by Bullets, Kisses, Fire, Friend, Free Love and other soul-nostalgic songs. Louna herself is a very unusual girl. The singer prefers a healthy lifestyle, meditates for several hours a day, and considers her inimitable Lana Del Rei as her idol. fab6c91ce20db87ca6cead88203ba941.jpg
Ticket price: 450 - 2220 UAH
When: March 31, 20:00
Where: Stereo Plaza, Krasnozvezdny Avenue, 119

Author: Погрибная Инна
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