Concert of Montserrat Caballe at the Palace of Ukraine

Concert of Montserrat Caballe at the Palace of Ukraine

Legendary actress of the world opera Montserrat Caballe in honor of her 85th birthday for the first time in seven years will come to visit the Ukrainian capital. For years of service to the spectator she managed to play about ninety different roles, and this can boast only a few. It is with her name that opera singing is associated with several generations in different parts of the world. Her voice can truly be called the eighth miracle of the world. At a grand concert in Kiev, Moserrrat, accompanied by a symphony orchestra, will perform opera arias and duets, the work of the most famous composers. At the concert of the opera legend, the inimitable and charming Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich will also perform.
The cost of tickets from 890 to 10990 hryvnia.
When: April 14, 19:00
Where: Palace Ukraine, Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya st., 103

Author: Погрибная Инна
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