Kyiv Ethno Trio | Kvadrat

Kyiv Ethno Trio | Kvadrat

Kyiv Ethno Trio is an original Ukrainian team that combines ancient ethnic instruments and electronic processors, electric violins and guitars in their work ... The team was created by the folklorist, performer of traditional Ukrainian songs Maxim Berezhnyuk. The singer and musician performed not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond its borders. In its huge collection of more than 150 traditional Ukrainian instruments, including very rare ones. Now he plays his music in the company of friends - Vladimir Ponomarev and Orestes Rat. Together they make the sound of traditional music unusual, modern and charming.
Cost - 100 hryvnia
When: April 7
Where: Youth Center "Kvadrat", Teatralnaya Street, 15

Author: Инна Погрибная
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