Legendary Plasticine Feet (LPN)

Legendary Plasticine Feet (LPN)

A very driving group from Odessa will bring Kiev fans a program that consists of new and better old compositions. What is so striking about the success story of this collective with the original name? The fact that they captivate the hearts of fans not through aggressive PR, not through promotion, scandals and advertising. Their main weapon is deep and imaginative texts, bright and incredibly beautiful music, and self-confidence. The collective does not enter itself into any framework, they have their own world with their own rules and laws. They do not pursue fashion and the latest trends, that's why they get straight into the heart. 0002302146_10.jpg
Ticket price: 80 - 150 UAH
When: April 21, 20:00
Where: Pub and Art Club Bochka, Verkhniy Val street, 22

Author: Погрибная Инна
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