Legendary VACUUM return to Kiev with a concert

Legendary VACUUM return to Kiev with a concert

The universe of emotions, infinity of love and cosmic sensuality - on February 14, the Swedish synth-pop band VACUUM will play a concert for the Day of Lovers in the Caribbean Club Concert-Hall in Kiev. VACUUM broke into the intercontinental musical arena as a scandalous synth-pop trio from angel-like Matthias Lindblum, extravagant Alexander Bard and cyber-woman Marina Shipchenko.
Today VACUUM is a creative collaboration of artist and music producer Matthias Lindblum and composer Andres Walbek. The repertoire of the group is fascinating lyrical songs, and their debut single “I Breathe” is still among the super hits of the world scale.
3 facts about VACUUM: 1. The vocalist of the group Matthias Lindblum is called the Swedish Brad Pit.
2. Group co-founder is Alexander Bard. 
3. Collaborated with Garu, Tarja Turunen and other artists.
About the connection between music and love, Matthias Lindblum says: “I love to sing about love. This is the most important thing in the world. If you write songs, then you touch on different topics, but you can only write a million songs about your heart. ” The touching vocalist with a velvet baritone gives not just performances, but real journeys to the infinity of love and romantic relationships.

February 14 Concert VACUUM - this is music for kisses, tenderness and living hearts. Favorite hits and new songs this evening in the Caribbean Club Concert-Hall!
Concert tickets here

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