Wrestling of the Bear Lecture to the birthday of Vasyl Cook in the National Museum of History of Ukraine

Wrestling of the Bear Lecture to the birthday of Vasyl Cook in the National Museum of History of Ukraine

Vasyl Cook, the last Commander of the UPA, was born on these winter holidays, January 11, 1913. This Saturday, the National Museum of Ukrainian History invites you to talk about it in the format of a lecture, conducted by a researcher of the history of the Ukrainian national liberation movement, a researcher of the department of history of Ukraine of the twentieth century - Alina Ponipalyak. V. Cook's life and work are shrouded in secrets and myths. All members of his family were related and entered the underground of the OUN or the UPA. Two younger brothers Vasily, Ilaria and Ilka, for their pro-Ukrainian activities were executed on the verdict of the Polish court. 26239182_761704237372230_4226115296144709212_n.jpg
V. Cook himself had more than ten pseudo. The most famous of them - Lemish, Bear, Vasyl Koval. His wife was Ulyana Kryuchenko, who was from Dnipro (at that time - Dnipropetrovsk). It was in the Dnipro, when V. Cook developed the network of the Oun underground in the East of Ukraine, and a love between him and a student of the pedagogical institute was born. Their wedding and the birth of Yurko's son took place in Lviv in the Crimea. Subsequently, the boy was kidnapped from the family of the Cookies of the Enkuveists. He was brought up in the Soviet atmosphere, and to Yuriy 13 years old he had no idea who his parents were. However, the presence of his wife did not prevent the Soviet special services in order to discredit Vasyl Cook said that he has more than 25 lovers.
About these and other interesting facts from the life of the last UPA's commander-in-chief will be discussed at a lecture.
Beginning on Saturday, January 13, at 16:00.
Organizers are asked to pre-register with the form https://goo.gl/6wywkj.
For more information, call (044) 278-48-64.
Entrance to the museum for a lecture - 30 UAH.

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