Lichtarius. Stories come alive

Lichtarius. Stories come alive

The Caribbean Club Concert Hall and MEGOGO are launching shows for the Lichtarius. Stories come alive for the deaf with a sign language interpreter Every Sunday at the Kiev Caribbean Club Concert Hall there is a musical performance for the whole family - “Lichtarius. Stories come to life ", which plunges into the tale of viewers of all ages.

The organizers of the show together with the video service MEGOGO within the framework of the social project “See how to hear it” launch a series of special shows with a sign language interpreter for people with hearing impairments.

“Thanks to the offer from MEGOGO to invite to our performances deaf children with a sign language interpreter, we came up with the idea to make such shows with translation for everyone. Unfortunately, there are people who do not hear or can not speak, but they have the right, like everyone else, to watch performances and develop. Therefore, I hope that such events will take place more often and people with limited hearing will be able to rest, like everyone else. ”, Says Anastasia Vaganova, executive producer of the show.

The first performances with the sign language interpreter will be held on March 3 and April 7. The organizers plan to continue such shows once a month while the music show lasts.

Recall, “Likhtarius. Stories come to life ”- this is the first regular family show in Ukraine, following the example of a Broadway musical inspired by Elena Kolyadenko. There are 34 artists participating in the show, mostly children, leading stars from various talent shows of our country.

The presentation will help children and parents to fully spend time together, putting aside all the gadgets, stop the struggle of reality with on-line and show that the world of fantasy and creativity is more interesting than the virtual space!

Tickets for the show can be purchased on the website of the Caribbean Club Concert Hall. The show starts at 12:00.
For children up to 3 years old, the entrance (without providing a separate place) is free.

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