Lil Xan | The Green Theater

Lil Xan | The Green Theater

Diego Linos, he's also - Lil Xan is a popular American rapper, singer and songwriter fr om California. This summer, he will visit the Ukrainian capital, wh ere the Green Theater is pumping through and show how a new modern rapper should sound. The guy has already been dubbed one of the most popular rappers of the new school, and his first album has become incredibly popular. So if you think that rap is a thing of the past, you should visit Lil Xan in Kiev in August. A portion of extraordinary emotions is guaranteed absolutely for everyone! 32006533_186535908840624_8428496022702915584_n-e1527525769675-827x620.jpg
When: August 23, 20:00
Where: Green Theater Park Road, 4

Author: Погрибная Инна
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