Live Jazz Monday at the Caribbean Club

Live Jazz Monday at the Caribbean Club

Every Monday the Caribbean Club Concert-Hall invites you to relax after a hard day’s work with sensual compositions from the best musicians of the country! On February 25, a wave of jazz will be picked up by a group of one of Europe's best drummers, the Trio Alexander Murenko. It is difficult to count the artists and groups with which Alexander Murenko played, among them: Tina Karol, Usain Bekirov, Erice Moor, Laura Marty, TNMK, Skid-side and many others. The performances of the Trio of Alexander Murenko are a rarity and a concert that is filled with musical surprises and unexpected sound.

At this Live Jazz Monday does not end, so stay tuned for new announcements on the site.

Start each week in the cozy atmosphere of the Caribbean Club Concert-Hall!
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