The best stars of the Ukrainian show business in a desperate comedy Producer

The best stars of the Ukrainian show business in a desperate comedy Producer

Two minutes of pure fun and drive from folks and show business stars is the Trailer of the Producer. Here is a master class of supremacy and loyalty from Alexei Durnev, and the battle hawk Zibrambo, and female fights without rules in the puddle, and many more surprises. Already February 14, 2019 in cinemas around the country fans of sparkly humor, unexpected plot twists and original reincarnations will go on an exciting journey with the heroes of this anticipated comedy of the year.
Director: Sergey Wayne
Producers: Stanislav Tyunov, Vladimir Sivokon, Eugene Dvornik
Production director: Eugene Ushakov
The authors of the script are Yuri Karagodin, Rishat Mukhtarov
Soundtrack: Cyril Matyushenko, Dynamics Music
Production: Firework Sound
Above the video worked: Post Modern, Cinema Sound Production
Cast: Alex Durnev, Dasha Astafyeva, Michelle Andrade, Vasyl Kit, Slava Kaminskaya, Pavlo Zibrov, Nikita Dobrynin, Viktor Andrienko, Andre Tan, Anna Rizatdinova, Aleksandra Kucherenko, Anna Andres, Santa Demopoulos, Uncle Jora, TamerlanAlena, Lucky4 , Marcus Riva.
In the center of the plot "Producer" - a self-confident and self-proclaimed film producer, who succeeded in striking his head. At incredible parties, he spends all the money earned on the previous film, and even those that are already allocated to the next. Finally, the time for X: new shooting starts tomorrow, and there is nothing to pay for them ... The producer must find a bunch of money and bring them to the shooting area outside the city on his own. On the way, there are awesome adventures, funny situations and a second lesson from karma.

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