Max Barsky in the IEC

Max Barsky in the IEC

The end of this autumn should be remembered by fans of the talented and passionate Max Barsky with the premiere of the new show # SEVEN! This unique show is dedicated to the singer's longplay with a taste of the aesthetics of the 80s, synth-pop and deep house. The artist himself admits that he has collected all the old stories fr om his own life and decided to reveal his soul to the thousands of people. This show should not only be spectacular - its essence is that Max Barsky be as close as possible to his audience. The good news for old fans of the artist will be that old songs will be heard at the concert. Those under which it is simply impossible not to dance. Those that scroll through your head for days on end.
Cost - from 499 hryvnia
When: November 29, at 20:00
Wh ere: IEC, Brovarsky Avenue, 15

Author: Погрибная Инна
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