MATRANG in Stereo Plaza

MATRANG in Stereo Plaza

22-year-old Alan Khadzaragov, also known as MATRANG, has become the newest brightest star in the modern scene. The new actor Gazgolder with his hit Meduza severed social networks, broke into homes, gadgets and people's cars. If you are not yet singing this song involuntarily, it's only a matter of time. In any case, the concert of a man, which some journalists have already dubbed Tsoi our century, should be interesting. Doubt, this guy has a great future, and soon his new hit will begin to storm social networks. 5660292-r1r1h500w711zc3q100.jpg
The cost of tickets is fr om 450 to 2000 UAH.
When: June 23, 20:00
Wh ere: Stereo Plaza. Small hall, Valery Lobanovsky Avenue, 119

Author: Погрибная Инна
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