Monoplane Man in front of a mirror

Monoplane Man in front of a mirror

A man in front of a mirror can become a real tool for the fair sex and their surroundings. A talented Ukrainian actor Victor Andrienko will find answers to eternal questions that have long been of interest to all women. This is an interesting comedy solo performance with elements of nostalgia fr om a man who still remembers the broadcasts on a black and white TV, which the whole family was about to meet. He will talk about what you really need to be afraid at a meeting with classmates, why men so early connected themselves with family ties, whether there is sex at the age of 50 + ... And this is not a complete list of all that useful (and not so) information , which will be available to all viewers of the play The man in front of the mirror.


The cost of tickets from 150 to 550 hryvnia.
When - December 14, 19:00
Wh ere is the Artist's House

Author: Погрибная Инна
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