Musical Cinema Performance Bread

Musical Cinema Performance Bread

In the Ukrainian capital will be shown a film that has been banned for decades. Bread of Nikolai Shpikovsky 1929 was restored and shown in original form, with live musical accompaniment from the Belarusian team PortMone. 996687_555145357906718_1228495866_n.jpg
Kinoepos Bread was created in one period with the Earth of the Ukrainian genius Alexander Dovzhenko. These two works create a unique aesthetic couple, only the Earth has long been recognized as a masterpiece, the Bread of Spikovsky remained classified and only now becomes available to a wide audience.
Price: 120 UAH
When: January 26, 19:30
Where: Dovzhenko Center (sixth floor), Vasilkovskaya Street, 1

Author: Погрибная Инна
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