Premiere "The Heavenly Hundred of Maidan Square"

Premiere "The Heavenly Hundred of Maidan Square"

World premiere at Kinopanorama

February 20 at 19:30 in the Kiev cinema "Kinopanorama" will take place the premiere of the documentary "The Heavenly Hundred of Maidan Square". The tape reveals not only the fate of people who were killed during the unrest on the Maidan, but describes the emotional experiences of their loved ones, parents and children. "The Heavenly Hundred" is a genuine atmosphere of protest, terror and terrible days assault with executions. Filming took place in Kiev and the Kiev region, Lviv and Munich.

Christian Seidel arrived in Kiev in order to see with his own eyes Maidan, but the film's director was so impressed and touched by an event that began immediately shoot his camera everything that surrounds him: the barricades, people, candles and flowers. This film gives answers to many questions asked by everyone who visited the capital in early 2014, and to the issues that are relevant to this day.

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