Silent movie and Jazz. Sherlock Jr.

Silent movie and Jazz. Sherlock Jr.

The creator of the comedy Sherlock Jr. is the greatest silent film comedian, director and actor who has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His name is Buster Keaton. Sherlock Jr. is in a gold fund and has a cultural, historical and aesthetic value. 059d9c38d1.jpg
This is a story about an ordinary movie-maker who dreams of being a great detective, as famous as Sherlock Holmes himself. Life circumstances develop against him: he was substituted by an opponent, and the careless mechanic can not prove his innocence. But only in real life, since in a dream he can investigate the case and find the culprit wishing to discredit his name.
Ticket price: 200 - 300 UAH
When: March 20, 19: 00
Where: Architect's House, Boris Grinchenko Street, 7

Author: Погрибная Инна
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