New Year Kinopanorama

New Year Kinopanorama

New Year film show

Ladies and gentlemen!

2-15 January 2015 Arthouse Traffic and cinema "Kinopanorama" will present the project "New Year Kinopanorama" - the brightest premieres of Arthouse Traffic, Christmas movies in retro style for the whole family and the best short films of Oscar Shorts.

In the project will include works of art, which have become an event for sinemaholics from around the world. Among them, the Oscar-winning "Dallas Buyers Club", a documentary epic "Maidan", an international festival hit "Tribe" and the best premiere of the year from France - "Saint Laurent", "For cigarettes", "New Girlfriend". Action will not do without a festive part for the whole family. American "Christmas movie" included a time-tested films of 40s and 50s that contain a magical spirit of the New Year. In a short section will be shown to representatives the five best short film of 2014, which were nominated for an Academy Award.

Tickets for the project "New Year Kinopanorama": 40 UAH, students - 30 UAH

Subscribe for the whole day (all movies) - 150 UAH; students - 100 UAH,

Subscription for the entire project - 2 - 15 January (all the films of the project, including possibility to see any movie several times) - 600 UAH; students - 400 UAH.

We are waiting for everyone!

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