One night at the hotel in Freedom Event Hall

One night at the hotel in Freedom Event Hall

Erotic theater production One night at the hotel is something completely new. Something that will necessarily be to the liking of lovers of something piquant and original. Those who have revised a million productions and want a breath of fresh air. One night in the hotel - a performance in the rhythm of the Argentine tango, based on the story of Alena Milko, has biographical moments. 1387206884_ImageBig636511834509082078.jpg
Intrigues, unexpected plot twists, dances and many, many interesting things that will not even allow you to check the time on your phone. This performance will demonstrate whether Ukrainian audiences are ready for bold stories, impregnated with eroticism and challenges.
The cost of tickets: from 300 to 1000 hryvnia.
When: February 11, 19:00
Where: Freedom Event Hall, Kirillovskaya Street 134

Author: Погрибная Инна
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