Onuka and Naoni in Kyiv

Onuka and Naoni in Kyiv

Incredible Ukrainian modern project and orchestra

The Magic Creative Union

The history of Naoni and Onuka continues! Incredible Ukrainian modern design and orchestra create something completely different from anything you could have seen before. With the help of the cult orchestra ONUKA sounds in a new way: volumetric, cosmic and deep. Well, with the help of ONUKA, NAONI have modernized and sounded in a new way!

Onuka and Naoni merged together last year, and this experiment fell in love with the Kharkov and Kiev public. Therefore, they decided to move further in the same direction, inspiring and enchanting with their creativity.


Where: International Center for Culture and Arts (October)
When: April 6, 19:00

Author: Погрибная Инна
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