Orlusha in the Docker Pub

Orlusha in the Docker Pub

One of the most famous poets, Andrei Orlov, he is Orlusha, will again visit the Ukrainian capital. This satirist has such a sharp pen that some viewers are even afraid to applaud him. He uses bold images and the most relevant topics of our time. His rhymes are ugly, the words are in their places. He loves Ukraine and the Ukrainian viewer, who responds with ardent reciprocation. The first round of the artist was called “Rіdkіsny Ptah doletіv to the middle of Dnipro”. Then he promised that he would soon return to the capital of Ukraine and kept his word!
Ticket price - fr om 275 to 4550 hryvnia.
When: May 5, 20:00
Wh ere: Docker Pub, Bogatyrskaya Street, 25

Author: Инна Погрибная
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