Pavel Ignatiev: The Melody of Spring

Pavel Ignatiev: The Melody of Spring

Ukrainian pianist, jazz composer, author of nine published albums Pavel Ignatiev with his incredible music will finally call this spring. How does this spring sound? Intimate, slow, gentle and romantic? Or is it expressive, passionate and powerful, like the April thunderstorm? The repertoire of the Kiev musician has all its aspects, moments and moods. There will not be any invited guests this evening: only Pavel Ignatiev, his guests and Her Highness Music. A solo concert in the Caribbean club will be filled with familiar compositions, novelties, fresh, like a spring breeze and improvisations. With this concert, Ignatiev will start a series of concerts of the fourth season. cb4f323a1b.jpg
Ticket price: from 180 to 650 UAH
When: 7 April 19:00
Where: Caribbean Club, Simona Petliuri Street, 4

Author: Погрибная Инна
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