A Christmas Gift from the Kinopanorama!

A Christmas Gift from the Kinopanorama!

Showing the movie included in the classics of world-class Christmas cinematography. The protagonist George Bailey, a resident of a small town, is saddened by countless problems and debts. On the eve of Christmas angels in heaven discuss his story and decide to help ...
This wonderful life (USA, melodrama, 1946)

Director: Frank Capra

Starring: James Stewart, Donna Reid

The bright, funny, sentimental and kind film was awarded the Gold Globe Award and five Oscars nominations.

The film is based on Philip Van Doren Stern's Largest Gift.

When: December 25 at 19:30

Where: Kinopanora (Shota Rustaveli Street, 19)

Reservation (free of charge) by phone. 2873041 or 0935133104

Ticket price - 50 UAH

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