Premiere of the play Oh two

Premiere of the play Oh two

An interesting story with an equally interesting title About Two will tell you about the two poles of a strong feeling - love and dislike. The play, staged after the play Oxygen by Ivan Vyrypaev, tells about the emotions caused by people filled with oxygen and those that do not have them...
odva2-r1r1h500w711zc3q100.jpg Sometimes, in the iron slums of the city, we are wildly lacking fresh air. Then we hurry closer to nature, to the forest or to the lake. With people the same story: sometimes they are sorely lacking in oxygen ...
The cost of tickets from 100 to 300 hryvnia.
When: January 31, start at 20:00
Where: Scene 6, Vasylkivska Street, 1

Author: Погрибная Инна
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