Rachel Therrien in the Architect's House

Rachel Therrien in the Architect's House

This star and master improvisation has fallen in love with South and North America, and has already prepared to conquer new peaks. And the trumpeter, composer and band-leader Rachel Therrien (Rachel Terrien) will come to the Ukrainian capital for the first time. The jazz star freely and easily feels in any musical direction, plays with them and connects. She treats her listeners with a salad from different music, but the main ingredient is jazz. She managed to sing on stage with jazz titans and recorded two solo records. Now she is already preparing for the release of another album. 5354.jpg
Ticket price: 250 - 600 UAH
When: April 28, 19:00
Where: Architect's House, Boris Grinchenko Street, 7

Author: Погрибная Инна
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