Christmas Concert at NMIU

Christmas Concert at NMIU

On December 23, the National Museum of Ukrainian History will host the Christmas concert, which will be attended by students of the National Musical Academy of Ukraine. P.І. Tchaikovsky, Faculty of Arts of the Drahomanov National Drama Theater, students and teachers of Kyiv musical schools. The program includes ancient and contemporary works on Christmas and New Year themes. Optimistic, elevated, festive - instrumental and vocal works of Ukrainian composers and world-famous classics are waiting for you.
Concert program
1. Prayer Words and music by O. Vyghutsky.
Ukr bulk song Bought me cute shoes.
laureates of international competitions, duo of bandura players - Victoria Kosyanchuk and Diana Filik, NPU
2. P. Tchaikovsky December. Holidays from the cycle of the Seasons.
Konikova Anastasiya, student of the National Pedagogical University, class of professor, doctor of pedagogical sciences Olga Shchelokova.
3. M. Theodorakis Sirtaki
Yulia Tikhomirova (domra) and Bedny Andriy (Bayan), students of NPU and NMAU.
4. J. Kolodub. Nocturne.
Olena Molchanova, teacher of KMMS # 8. Conc. Hrabovsky Hope
5. B. Fist Vicos with horses.
Salikhova Amina, student of KMMSh number 8, grade 6, op. Ivzenko T.V., winner of All-Ukrainian and international competitions, scholarship student of Kyiv Mayor.
6. M. Gustavo La rosa.
vocal Anna Kochergina, teacher of KMMS # 8, conc. Lydia Nochevskaya, laureate of international competitions.
7. Dvorak Melody.
Zhurenko Yaroslava (cello), conc. Ivan Bitseko, a graduate of the KMMS # 8, students of the NPU.
8. B. Fitz. Variations for the xylophone.
Fivaysky Anton, laureate of all-Ukrainian competitions, student of KMMS # 8, vik. Tatyana Ryabova, conc. Natalia Lebedeva-Fivayskaya laureate of all-Ukrainian competitions.
9. Wilson. Two miniatures.
Piano duo - Anna Kochergina and Lydia Nochevskaya.
10. . Bad Andrew (Bayan), a student of the NMAU them. П.І. Tchaikovsky
11. Verikovsky M. Kolomoyka
A. Piazzolla Tango.
Bondarenko Ilya, a student of the 8th grade (graduated from Andriy Malakhov, conc. Kompaniets Julia), winner of international competitions, the only student from Ukraine who has performed at the White House in one of the most prestigious concert halls in the Carnegie Hall.
12. Christmas action. Berry Children's Vocal Ensemble, NPO, Director Pirogova Tatyana, conc. bayan
The beginning - on Saturday, December 23, at 17:00 on the first floor of the National Museum of History of Ukraine (Volodymyrska St., 2).
Organizers are asked to register in the form
Cost - entrance ticket to the museum (50 UAH - full, 30 UAH - for schoolchildren / students / pensioners)
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