Sergey Babkin | Musasphere

Sergey Babkin | Musasphere

Romantic with kind eyes and silver hair. His voice is gentle, dreary, romantic and simply magical ... All this is he - the talented and peculiar Sergey Babkin, who went on a big tour with Ukraine in support of his album “Muzasfere”. "Musasfera" is not just the name of the artist's new album, but also a real musical epidemic that will soon spread to all the cities of a big country. "Muzasfera" is the thirteenth album of the artist, completely Ukrainian-language. It includes the favorite hits “De bi I”, “Hto dal yde” + another twelve new songs that have all chances to become beloved and very popular. Actually, like everything that Sergey invests in his soul.
Ticket price - fr om 400 hryvnia
When: April 15, 2019
Wh ere: Officer's House, Victory Square, 1

Author: Инна Погрибная
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