Sergei Mikhalok and the group LYAPIS 98

Sergei Mikhalok and the group LYAPIS 98

Do you want to hear how real freedom sounds without borders and prohibitions? Then at least once in your life you should attend a concert by Sergei Mikhalka and the legendary band LYAPIS 98. Belarusian friends have prepared specially for their beloved Ukrainian audience a new three-hour program called THE BEST! And, of course, no one performance Mikhalka can not do without the old-good hits, which already adores more than one generation. And this is very true at a time when apple trees are blooming ... d9863f02555ed67449328c75216a862b.jpg
The cost is from 450 to 1600 UAH.
When: April 4, 19:00
Where: Freedom / Kirillovskaya Street, 134

Author: Погрибная Инна
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