Show Samskara. Android Jones
15.09.2016 - 15.09.2016

Show Samskara. Android Jones

At the Planetarium you can see not only the dinosaurs

Digital Alchemy

Full dome show SAMSKARA - a unique spectacle that is created based on the Android Johns painting. Thanks to its unique technology creates a feeling of absolute immersion into the reality of the creator. Android Jones - is an artist, who has been dubbed the digital alchemist, able to creatr miracles with contemporary art. This is a man who has proven that digital art has the right to be called a high! Do you want to know all the facets of reality and a taste of the thrill - be sure to visit the capital planetarium!


When: 16 - 22 September 
Where: «Atmasfera 360 / Kiev Planetarium"

Author: Погрибная Инна
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