Skorick in the style of JAZZ

Skorick in the style of JAZZ

Lightness and humor, a frantic pace and a broken rhythm, elastic syncopation, spectacular dynamics and finale, finally, courage with swing, without which, jazz is not jazz. All this - in the concert Skorik in the style of JAZZ, which breaks stereotypes about the composers-coryphaeus and breaks the templates about academic music.
May 29, 19:00
Skorick in the style of JAZZ
Conservatory (Opera Studio NMAU named after PI Tchaikovsky),
Architect Gorodetsky, 1-3 / 11

The author of the immortal Melody in his jubilee year gives everyone a fan of his work a jazz program Miroslav Skorick in the style of JAZZ. The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that the Maestro always conducts this concert himself!

The legendary composer-classic highly appreciates jazz music. Actually, his path began with the formation of the ensemble Merry Violins and writing popular jazz-variety pieces: rhythm and blues - Lviv Evening, Draw Me a Night in the boogie woogie style, blues Aelita, Carpathian , I'll wait for you, beloved, ragtime Bring me a poppy and the first Ukrainian twist Do not trample lilies. Therefore, it is natural that Miroslav Mikhailovich is an ardent connoisseur of jazz, he plays himself and writes in this style. Today, he says, very different types of jazz coexist-both improvisational and recorded in notes. So I improvise and write jazz. Skorick virtuoso combines classical traditions with jazz rhythms, European jazz traditions with its own composer language, individual timbre techniques, so that different people can understand the music.


During the concert Skorik's works with intriguing names: extravagant dances - In the Spanish-Moorish style, Sad Blues, Kankan, as if from an old gramophone record or jazz paraphrases of L. Beethoven's works - Moonlight Sonata, Appassionata, To Elise and jazz pieces In the folk style, Obsessive motive, Pleasant walk will be performed by the brilliant Lviv pianist duet of merited artists of Ukraine Miroslav Dragan and Oksana Rapi with cellist Alexander Pirieva and driving the national chamber ensemble Kyiv Soloists.

By the way, Rapita and Dragan have been playing together since 1994 and are a duet not only on stage, but also in life, because they are spouses! Perhaps this is the secret of their unique teamwork? Especially when they play jazz Skorik in four hands. It is well known that it is very difficult to write for two pianos, because it is necessary to cover the texture of two instruments, to combine timbres, and Maestro Skorik does it with filigree skill, because he possesses many styles and techniques, associative lines and effectively weaves them into the piano texture.

Another gift from the Maestro fans will be a 16-track CD - Miroslav Skorik in the style of jazz", a presentation of which will take place during the concert. Therefore, everyone who comes to this program will be able not only to listen to live Skorik jazz, but also to get an autograph on the new disc from the Maestro himself.

Video: here and here;

Tickets: 223 02 83 and by link or here

Cost: 100 - 400 UAH

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